Let’s bear in mind that sleep does not exist so straight to J’ouvert. Start the day right!

There’s still only one word to describe it, mess! It’s literally a splash of color. Paint and

powder are heavy on the menu so come prepared. That favourite shirt you like? We suggest you

leave it at home. This isn’t the day to for you to worry about how you look, by the time you’re done

no one will recognise you anyway! :) So bring the energy, bring the vibes and anticipate the crowd!


Let the “wildaments” begin! This is the last day of the festival but by no means the least.

This is where the true bacchanal starts. The numbers? Larger than life. The costumes?

The Ucom family is nothing short of amazing! The best part is, that’s not all

we have to look forward too. So grab your costume, get your squad and let’s go. It’s the day we all become one. Many cultures, many countries,

many songs but one big, bad, carnival.

It’s a mood!