We’ve studied, we’ve watched, we’ve critiqued and now it’s our turn to bring carnival to YOU!


We at Socamania Mas Band pride ourselves in bringing culture, vibes and bacchanal in every way. From our authentic, vibrant costumes right down to our music selection from every genre; Our fetters are global and our affiliates UCOM Carnival Band remain number one in the UK with the most consistent costumes since 2008.

This year 2019 we present to you Kaleidoscope; an array of colors. Stay tuned for more. It’s a mood!


fun facts

What Is Carnival?

Carnival is a celebration of life!

Typically before lent, the ancient Catholics decades ago would enjoy their last celebrations of revelry before they “put away the meat”. This week long, pre-lentern celebration of music, dance and masquerade was traditionally held in

February, before Christians went into 40 days of fasting and prayer. Today, many countries have adopted this same celebration, each adding some of their cultures flavor.

At Socamania we bring you a cocktail blend of them all!